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Through our blog and resources, gain insights and keep
up to date on today’s advancements in payouts.

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Boosting Customer Experience Through Digital Credits – A Great Alternative to Gift Cards. 💳⚡️

Explore the advantages of Digital Credits and how they revolutionize incentives and rewards. Time to embrace a seamless, personalized experience.

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✈️ Payouts Network and Breeze Airways Take Customer Experience to New Heights

A partnership putting the customer experience in the spotlight.

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🚀 Instant Disbursements: Replacing Legacy Payment Methods 🚀

Let's be honest, legacy payments are dying a slow death. It's time to catch the wave of a new way to disburse and receive B2B & B2C payments.

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6 Financial Trends Shaping the Restaurant Industry in 2022

To succeed in 2022, restaurants need to capitalize on new technology trends and embrace the changes to consumer behavior.

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8 Benefits of Going Cashless

Not only does going cashless help streamline operations and increase security. Plus, a majority of customers prefer to pay with card.

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Staying on Top of Your Payouts

See how you can better manage your cash flow through the PayNow Platform.

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The Future of FinTech: How Digital Disbursements can Impact Your Bottom-Line

As businesses look to optimize their management of capital and cash flow in 2022, moving money out as effectively as you move money in becomes critical.

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6 Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover

Attracting and retaining experienced staff is an issue that’s severely impacting the restaurant industry. Here’s how you can reduce employee Turnover at your restaurant.

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Compare Your Payouts Providers

Use this checklist to see how other providers stack up to Payouts Network.

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Improving the Way Restaurants Manage Their Payouts

Watch how the restaurant, Dave's Sushi, optimized its processes through the PayNow Platform.

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5 Ways FinTech Can Transform the Hospitality Industry

As consumer behavior changes, there's an increased need to focus on attracting and retaining guests and associates.

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Attracting Restaurant Employees: Real-Time Pay and Other Strategies that Work

The woes of the restaurant industry have been well-reported – and if you’re an owner or operator, you know about them first-hand.

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Payouts Network Expands Product Suite with Three New Service Offerings

New features continue to make payouts faster and administration easier for users.

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Transforming How Restaurants Manage Workers’ Wage and Tip Payouts

Discover all of the benefits that the PlayNow Platform has to offer your restaurant's staff and employees.

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FAQs & Support

Get the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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Payouts Network, Payix Collaborate to Offer Speedy Loan Funding

Why wait when Instant Payouts provides near-real time disbursement.

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Revolutionizing Payments To Workers, Suppliers, Customers

See how the PayNow Platform can transform how your business.

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Payouts Network Announces Collaboration with Visa to Deliver Fast Business Payouts

Payouts Network is enabling real-time funds disbursements for its clients.

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