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Pay Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime


Improve your employee experience with instant access to earned tips and wages.


Automate funding and loan servicing with rules-based disbursement.


Settle claims in real-time while gaining visibility in the usage of funds.


Gain more insight and control into loyalty point redemption.


Improve your casino payouts process with same-day settlement.


Streamline your voucher process and decrease compensation costs.

See How it Works
  • Improve Passenger Experience

    Protect your brand’s reputation from disgruntled passengers.

  • Reduce Operational Burden

    Eliminate the cost of administering and tracking vouchers

  • Gain Redemption Visibility

    See how and when the intended recipient redeems their credit.

  • Real-Time Payouts

    Send immediate payments directly to passengers in the event of a disruption.

  • Same-Day Settlement

    Enhance your guest’s winning experience with same-day payouts.

  • Strengthen Your Loyalty Program

    Enrich your loyalty program by offering guests the opportunity to earn instant rewards.

  • Improve Employee Experience

    Garner employee loyalty with same-day tip payout and instant earned fund deposits.

  • Create a More Secure Environment

    Keep your payout process compliant and secure with improved visibility and payout tracking.

  • Improve Guest Experience

    Empower your front desk with the tools they need to resolve guest issues immediately.

  • Streamline Payroll

    Payout tips and earned wages in at the end of every shift without tapping into your petty cash.

  • Increase Brand Loyalty

    Incentivize repeat guest stays with special offers and real-time loyalty rewards.

  • Reduce Operational Cost

    Cut back on your labor costs and streamline your voucher process.

Discover a Better Payment Experience in Hospitality

  • Immediate Settlement

    Pay claims immediately in real-time, 365 days a year.

  • Location Independence

    Service your customer’s claim needs regardless of their, or your, location

  • Payment Status Visibility

    Gain insight into when settlements are sent to, and claimed by, your customers.

  • Reduce Labor Costs

    Eliminate onsite check writing, ACH transfers, and prepaid card distributions.

  • Digital Fund Transfer

    Provide a more efficient consumer experience by distributing funds digitally.

  • Real-Time Payment

    Payout funds in within thirty minutes of a loan being approved.

  • Improve Consumer Security

    Eliminate the need to collect and store sensitive consumer banking information.

  • Increase Profitability

    Create a new revenue stream while reducing the cost of ACH and Wire transactions.

  • Flexible Payout Options

    Give your employees more flexibility in how and when they get paid.

  • Eliminate Cash-based Tip Outs

    Send earned tips directly to employees at the end of every shift.

  • Real-Time Cashflow Visibility

    See when money is sent to, and claimed by, employees.

  • Reduce Employee Turnover

    Provide a better employee experience with automated payouts.

See Instant Tips in Action

Doug Clark
The PayNow platform allowed us to enhance our customer experience with more speed and choice while streamlining operations.
Doug Clark
Payix Customer & Texas Consumer Finance Association, Former Chair