Say Farewell to Costly Gift Cards, Checks and Paper Vouchers for Customer Compensation

Payouts Network enables your business to instantly deliver fully digital vouchers and rebates that your customers can securely redeem at a list of locations of your choice.

Lower the cost of issuing customer compensation

Resolve service issues quickly and effectively by securely issuing compensation to customers using their existing payment credentials.

  • Control redemption locations, time frames and more

  • Reclaim unused funds in near real-time

Customer Compensation with PoP Payout
Point of Purchase (PoP) Payout Activation Screen

Streamlined Customer Activation Flow

Customers link the payout directly to their existing credit or debit card, no intermediary account or mobile app required.

  • Turn-key, white labeled recipient flow

  • Your branding and communication

  • Bank-grade CC storage & tokenization

Seamless Point of Purchase Redemption

Customers simply pay as usual with their card at qualifying merchants and receive an instant statement credit after their purchase.

  • Customers are notified via SMS and email of activation, redemption and statement credit

  • Unused funds are reclaimed in near-real time

  • No Point of Sale (POS) integration needed

Payouts Network Console - Visibility and Reporting

Real-Time Visibility & Reporting

Track all issued, activated and redeemed PoP Payouts in real time with access to robust data and analytics.

Payouts Network API and Interface

Flexible API

Centrally distribute compensation via the Payouts Network Console or automatically via the Payouts Network API.

  • Mass issue compensation in-the-moment

  • Keep systems in sync with webhooks

Payouts Network API and Interface

Case Study

Top 5 Airline Decreases Compensation Costs by 75%

With Payouts Network, a Top 5 US Airline was able to compensate customers affected by a service disruption quickly and effectively.


Reduce Cost Icon

Reduce Cost to Issue Compensation

Decrease operational burden by reducing the costs associated with printing, shipping and handling checks and gift cards.

Reduce Operational Burden Icon

Reduce Operational Burden

Eliminate long customer service lines,  and the cumbersome back-office procedures needed to reconcile the paperwork and documentation with traditional claims processes.

Seamless Redemption Icon

Seamless Redemption

Redemption is seamless at merchants of your choice with no POS integration or staff training necessary. Customers just swipe to pay as usual!

Reclaim Unused Funds Icon

Reclaim Unused Funds

All unused funds are reclaimed in near real-time, dramatically reducing the average cost per claim and allowing for breakage.

Point of Payout (PoP) Applications

Delayed Baggage

Receiptless Returns

Transportation Vouchers

Denied Boarding


Lodging Vouchers

Meal Vouchers

Corporate Gifting

Employee Rewards

Medical Donations

Customer Surveys

Sales Incentives

Loyalty Points Redemption


PoP Payouts v. Gift Cards v. Check Comparison

We add practice of managing and analyzing projects to maximize its effectiveness for your budget, goals and strength.

Instant Payouts

Gift Card


Instant funds availability in bank

ID Verification - ensures funds can only be claimed by intended recipient

Real-time tracking, reporting, & audit

Issuance fraud control - issuance limits and approval workflow

Real-time tracking, reporting, & audit

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