Point of Purchase (POP) Payouts

Rule-Based Digital Vouchers for Customer Service Recovery

A modern approach to customer-service Recovery

Instantly Issue Compensation

Instantly Issue Compensation

Point of Purchase (POP) Payouts can be issued and delivered to your customers automatically, increasing customer satisfaction and relieving the burden from your staff.

Streamlined Experience

Streamlined Experience

Customers no longer need to track receipts, file claims or submit documentation, eliminating long customer service lines and cumbersome back-office procedures.

Seamlessly Redeem

Seamlessly Redeem

Redemption is seamless at merchants of your choice with no POS integration or staff training necessary. Customers just swipe to pay as usual! 

Decrease Compensation Cost

Decrease Compensation Cost

Unlike traditional gift card vouchers or checks, all unused funds remain with the issuer. This dramatically reduces the average cost per claim, allowing for breakage .


Wonder Voucher Payouts - Airlines

Top US Airline Decreases Compensation Costs by 75%

United Airlines Decreases Compensation 
Costs by 75%

With Payouts Network, a Top 5 US Airline was able to compensate customers affected by a service disruption quickly and effectively.

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United Airlines Customer Service Recovery

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Fast, Flexible, Rule-Based Vouchers Are Here.

Construct business rules that define spending by dates, available merchants, and several other criteria.

Dollar Amount

Redemption Merchants

Validity Period



Online or In Store

Real-Time Visibility & Analtyics

Payouts Network Instant PayoutWonder Instant Payout
Track all issued, activated and redeemed PoP Payouts in real time with access to robust data and analytics.
Wonder Voucher Payouts - AirlinesWonder Voucher Payouts - Customer Service RecoveryWonder Voucher Payouts - Customer Service Recovery
Payouts Network Digital Voucher Payout

Comprehensive Security

Rest assured we are committed to the providing the highest level of security to our customers.

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